Sports Betting in Malaysia

As far back as the 1st Century BC, a Roman Elder had written that “We are so much at the mercy of Chance that Chance is our God”. So it is safe to say that people have always loved the unpredictable outcomes of Sports. Placing a wager on competitions is as old as currency and people have always been drawn to what we today call sports betting.

The Sportsbook was created to bring all betting on recognised sports under one roof. At the time this was seen as the best way to make betting more convenient and to comply with legal requirements. However, in the early days Sportsbooks were run independently from casinos. Casinos focused on gaming and did not want the competition taking away players. But independent sportsbooks struggled to survive and quite soon came under the wing of casinos. Even then there were still many barriers for a majority of the population who enjoyed betting, along with all other kinds of gambling. Casinos were rare and often too expensive.

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